How To Find A Soft Furnishing Cleaner

Pilgrim Payne offers a comprehensive curtain cleaning service

Ever since Donald Trump emerged onto the Presidential scene in the USA we have come to be more aware of “fake news”. However, it has existed for a long time.

This is the mis-representation of facts or the replacement of real facts by inventions. The same happens in the curtain cleaning and rug cleaning world. There are fake stories of where curtains and rugs are cleaned and by whom.

Likewise, there are many fake addresses used to deceitfully influence prospective buyers of services in order to manipulate their buying decisions. Often, your valuable curtains and rugs are taken by the company of your choice to be cleaned and maybe restored but,in many cases, the person you have given your valuable curtains or rug to has no cleaning plant of their own. Instead, they give them to a third party, maybe a high street garment cleaner, who is not a specialist in cleaning soft furnishings.

We do not clean garments – it requires different technology and finishing equipment. We do what we do best – we specialise in caring for and making high quality soft furnishings.

That rug that you were considering cleaning may not stay with the company that you thought was doing the work. It may be given to a third party to carry out the job. If something goes wrong you are left with both companies blaming each other and seeking redress becomes very complicated.

Addresses published in the media are often no more than mailing addresses. Some companies even have more than one name to pretend they are different companies. Try visiting them to check them out. Or, if a problem occurs, where do you go to for redress?

It is always best, therefore, to do a little homework to verify that the company you are dealing with is reputable in order to protect your treasured home furnishings. Always find out if the address you think the company operates from is, in fact, a reality – many are not. Always ask if you can go along to visit and inspect the Plant that will clean your valuable items. If an offer of a visit is not forthcoming, then avoid the company.We encourage prospective clients to visit our Plant and offices. If others do not, then they have a reason for that. You can probably guess what that is.

Also, with carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning make sure that you check out that the company resides at the address published. If there is no verifiable address avoid them like the plague.

Don’t become a victim of “fake news”. Do your homework and avoid costly mistakes – you will not regret it.

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