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Pilgrim Payne offers a comprehensive curtain cleaning service

When a company is striving to deliver excellence to its customers it is a constant challenge to ensure that clients are delighted with the results delivered time after time. Road traffic can affect punctuality, suppliers problems can affect delivery dates and a whole host of other factors beyond our control can adversely affect service levels. But it is our job to make sure that our valued clients receive superlative service day in, day out.

Therefore, it is especially gratifying when we are awarded accolades which show external recognition of all the hard work and our mission to deliver excellence, in time, on time, every time. So, it was great to receive another award recognising  our pre-eminence within our field.

Pilgrim Payne has been officially acknowledged by the Global Insights Business Awards as the ” Best Curtain Cleaning Service in the United Kingdom”. The receipt of this acknowledgement is another feather in our cap. It is a compliment to all the hard work and dedication of all the people at Pilgrim Payne. We know our strengths and attributes but it is a real encouragement to gain awards from independent sources.

It is not the first time our efforts and successes in the field of soft furnishing cleaning have been noticed in this way but ongoing confirmation of our place as the benchmark within our field is always welcome. The years of dedication and learning have led us to become the go-to company if soft furnishing cleaning of the highest standard is required by discerning clients.

With a history dating back 169 years and service assurances and procedures exclusive to us we have gained the respect of both prestigious customers and our competitors. Some of our Technicians have over forty years experience in their respective areas and this is one of the great assets of the business.

Our curtain cleaning department utilises modern equipment and techniques along with good old fashioned values of commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service.

There is only one Pilgrim Payne and we are proud to hold the many prestigious endorsements of highest quality workmanship that testify to our position as industry leader. So, as 2019 begins with all the challenges of a new year we welcome the opportunity to move forward, forever seeking excellence in all we do.

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