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How Pilgrim Payne offers total care for carpets

Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt ? That is the question facing the country at present. Who knows the answer ? Whatever your views, either or neither, it’s a tough question to decide. With Donald Trump on the other side of the Atlantic the future could be quite uncertain. When it comes to choosing a trusted, reliable, reputable and successful textile cleaning and restoration company things are a little easier.

Look for a company which has been cleaning curtains, carpets, upholstery and rugs for a long, long time. A company which has built it’s reputation on service, master of it’s chosen field of work. Once again Pilgrim Payne has been awarded another accolade, ” Best Upholstery Cleaning Specialists & Fine Carpet Cleaning Services of the Year “.

Trust is a vital ingredient in the search for a company you can rely on. A company you can trust to give you top quality cleaning and be safe. Clean, fresh soft furnishings are the requirement of most households and the goal of any reputable textile cleaning company.

Pilgrim Payne continues to be awarded accolades and accreditations that single it out as the pre-eminent provider of soft furnishing cleaning in the home and commercial premises. Facilities Managers and Homeowners have long been able to rely on our unrivalled knowledge and technical ability as well as the friendliness and courtesy of our staff. The fact that we can offer security cleared staff to carry out our work gives clients total peace of mind whenever we visit them. In this day and age many workers are either not legal or not trained or both! These factors can create real problems for unsuspecting buyers.

We have cleaned and restored virtually every description of furnishings during our 169 year history. Although, we are always prepared for any interesting new challenges that the future may hold. We have restored all types of fabrics and carpets that have been all the colours of the rainbow. International sources of fabrics can pose other challenges as quality control at the production stage is not always as it is in the UK. Here, our extensive, pre-cleaning testing ensures that potential problems are removed before we begin our work.

If you live in Central London there will be hundreds of delighted customers living within your neighbourhood, maybe even thousands. Having such a long and distinguished history does not mean that we rest on our laurels. We constantly train and re-train our staff and instill in them a desire to deliver service excellence in everything they do for our valued customers. It is this drive to constantly improve that helps make us the go-to company for top quality cleaning and restoration of soft furnishings. Whether a job is large or small it has to be completed to the same high standards. The standards that our customers have come to expect from a unique company like Pilgrim Payne.


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