Carpet Cleaners in London. How to choose the best.

How Pilgrim Payne offers total care for carpets

When it comes to looking for carpet cleaners in London you might think it’s just a matter of googling it or looking through a local trade directory.  But, think again!

It is more than a matter of sticking a pin in a name and going with that. If you value your home, and in this case your carpets, you had better make sure that you pick a tried and trusted company that will take care of your carpets and not damage them.

There are numerous horror stories around, so make sure that you do not become one of them. Also, treat “rave reviews” with a degree of suspicion. Many are created by friends and family, company employees and even companies that ” produce” reviews.

What you should be looking for are accreditations and recommendations that cannot be purchased or engineered. Many apparent “endorsements”are obtained simply by paying an annual subscription to a quasi-trade body.

If you want a Carpet Cleaning company which is bound by a respected code of practice, choose one which is a member of the N.C.C.A. ( National Carpet Cleaners Association). Also, check out how long they have been cleaning carpets……….the longer, the better. Further, check out the validity of their address. Many companies use false addresses to deceive potential customers. This is often so that if problems arise you cannot find them. Ask to visit their premises. If they refuse this simple request, don’t use them. You don’t actually have to visit, if it is too far away, but merely asking the question can weed out some of the cowboys.

Whether you’re in the North, South, East or West of London, choose a company that has plenty of in-house knowledge and expertise. A company where you will get to talk to a member of management at the conclusion of the work to make sure that you are delighted with the outcome. Also, look for a company which offers guarantees of non-shrinkage and complete replacement should something go wrong.

Most of the above is also applicable to finding an Upholstery cleaning company.

You should also avoid companies which give telephone quotes. No one can price a job over the telephone because no one can see the level of soiling, the presence of stains, the nature of the stains and soiling, the fibre composition of the carpet, the security of fitting and many other factors over the telephone. If their estimating procedure is not professional, you can bet that the cleaning will not be either. Choose a professional company offering carpet cleaners in London that will visit you to inspect and give a free written estimate. Don’t be lured in by a “cheaper” telephone quote only to have it doubled, or even trebled, when the cleaner arrives to tell you about all the hidden “extras” they forgot to mention on the telephone.

If you have quality carpets, protect your valuable investment. Pick carpet cleaners in London with real and valuable accreditations  and systems. You won’t regret it. If you follow these brief guidelines you should get a quality job carried out at a fair price.You will also get carpets that look well cleaned and not just as they did before when they dry out fully. Some of Pilgrim Payne’s Technicians have over forty years experience. Experience you can trust. Experience to ensure high quality jobs and delighted customers.

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