How to clean upholstered furniture. Guide to upholstery cleaning.

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No matter how hard we try to keep upholstered furniture spotless there comes a time when the gradual build-up of soil and dirt or a household accident creates the need for a professional fabric clean. We can, of course, keep our fabric upholstery regularly vacuumed in order to keep it as clean and fresh as possible but sooner or later vacuuming alone is not enough. Vacuuming will only remove dry soil and dust but certain areas such as kick skirts and arms begin to show marks and discolour. Oils from the skin and hair require thorough removal in order to prevent damage to the fabric itself. Also,spills and stains cannot be removed just by vacuuming.

The vast majority of fabrics that are used in quality upholstery are classified as ” Dry clean only” or ” Professional dry clean”. These are the manufacturer’s instructions. To ignore this leaves one open to no recourse if a problem occurs. Therefore, it is essential to call on an experienced upholstery cleaning company which has the knowledge and expertise to identify the fibre content of the fabric and will use the right cleaning techniques and equipment to achieve top class results and care for the fabric.

It is important, at the outset, to find out if the company you are considering has the ability to to clean your furniture with solvent extraction equipment which can dry clean the fabric onsite. Many companies will attempt to use water-based systems but this carries with it high levels of risk. Manufacturers, almost exclusively, recommend dry cleaning of their fabrics. Designer fabrics deserve Designer quality care. So, if a company cannot guarantee to dry clean your cherished fabrics, do not use them.

Always go for a company which is a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association ( N.C.C.A.) to be sure that it operates ethically and has trained technicians with many years experience. Technicians who are trained in using portable solvent extraction equipment. That way you will get quality results and breathe new life into your valuable upholstered furniture.

The cleaning package should include pre-vacuuming, pre-treatment of stains and areas of heavier soil by hand, followed by thorough solvent extraction cleaning by machine.

Look for a company with a long history of specialist cleaning and one whose address can be verified as real. Ask to visit their premises. If this is denied, avoid using them. Make sure that the company that you are considering will allow you to talk to a member of management at the end of the work to make sure you are delighted with the finished results. If this is not part of the package do not use the company.

If you follow these basic guidelines about cleaning upholstered furniture you should find a quality company with the experience required to give you  a first class job and leave you with refreshed fabrics in your home.

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