Cleaning and caring for Designer fabrics.

How Pilgrim Payne offers total care for carpets

Today, there is a bewildering array of beautiful furnishing fabrics. They range from economy level to Designer ranges with higher price tags. Some are of the highest quality and time consuming to produce by ethical means and socially responsible companies. Skilled craftsmen and women have taken time and trouble to deliver the best. Others may be produced in destinations where quality control and fibre quality is at a lesser level.

Whether you have spent £20 per metre or £ 200 per metre on fabric, your curtains and upholstery are important to you and represent a significant investment in your home or business property. This, having been said, it makes sound economic sense to care for both curtains and upholstery if you want to extend their useful life and to keep your interior looking at it’s best.

High Quality Cleaning For High Quality Products

High quality is, sadly, not always a reflection of high price and there are many fabrics on the market where manufacturer’s instructions cannot be followed and this leads to clients having fabrics that cannot be successfully cleaned. If you only wanted the fabrics for a few years this may not be a problem, but if you had expected ten or more years of use it is a nasty surprise. Pilgrim Payne will advise on choosing fabrics and how they will perform when it comes to cleaning. Some of the most exotic and attractive fabrics have great limitations when it comes to maintenance. Likewise, some trimmings, like braids and fringes, render finished items impossible to clean.

So, always obtain full cleaning instructions from your supplier before you spend significant amounts of money on soft furnishings. Those new curtains or sofas will be required for use for longer than two or three years. We live in a polluted world. The environment,especially in cities and towns, is not clean and fabrics become soiled relatively quickly.

Choose an Established Cleaning Company

When cleaning and maintenance is required always seek to use a long established, trusted company, which specialises in soft furnishing care, to assist you in keeping your interior looking it’s best. Many top Interior Designers work with Pilgrim Payne because they know they can rely on the excellence of their work.

Many top fabric manufacturers like Romo, G.P.& J Baker, Sahco, Rubelli, Gainsborough, Sanderson, Osborne & Little, Colefax & Fowler, Designers Guild, Harlequin, Jane Churchill, Lee Jofa and numerous others have all worked with Pilgrim Payne in the supply and care of soft furnishings.

If quality soft furnishings have been produced by Interior Designers or quality makers they deserve to be cared for so that they enhance the interior that they occupy. Make sure that you do your homework in finding a company that knows how to care for quality furnishings. Make sure that your supplier knows about the expected life of a fabric and how it should be cared for. You will need that guidance. Seek a fabric cleaner who is also a maker in order to ensure care through the life of your soft furnishings. That way you will know that they understand  what is required through the whole life of the items. High Street dry cleaners are garment cleaners not specialist furnishing fabric cleaners.

If you look after quality furnishing fabrics  they will serve you with years of use. If you do not you may find you are replacing them long before expected.

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