Cleaning furnishings saves money. January Sale.

Pilgrim Payne offers a comprehensive curtain cleaning service

There comes a time in every home when our curtains, carpets and upholstered furniture begin to look “tired”. They may be a long way from being worn out but they look grubby and in need of some care and attention.

Restoring and refurbishing soft furnishings is far cheaper than replacing them and if you have quality furnishings it makes sound economic sense to do so. It can be amazing what a difference proper,thorough cleaning of curtains, carpets, rugs and upholstery can achieve. Many of our clients are hugely surprised by the before and after appearance of their home.

On some occasions results are more limited and sometimes fabrics and carpets have gone without proper care for far too long. It is sensible to protect the big investment in your home furnishings and it is wise to clean curtains and draperies at least every three to four years in London due to the polluted and dirty air. Carpets normally require cleaning professionally about every one to two years to maintain appearance and extend life.  Regularly cleaning homes also produces better indoor air quality. The improvement in appearance also enhances the home.

Estimates and guidance are free services to all our clients and if restoration cannot be achieved we also offer quotations for new curtains or, maybe, recovering a much loved sofa. Because we are makers as well as specialist cleaners we understand more fully than others the requirements of successfully cleaning and restoring quality fabrics and carpets.

Our clients are our barometer for measuring our success and every day we receive regular compliments.We take client delight very seriously and at the end of every visit the customer is asked to talk to a member of company management to confirm that they have been delighted with the Pilgrim Payne experience. It is this ongoing focus on customer needs and feedback that helps us deliver top quality service week in and week out. It is this attention to service that keeps us at the top of our trade.

If you call us you will find us helpful and knowledgeable and eager to fulfil your requirements. It is this ongoing focus on client needs that is our guiding light. We have been delighting customers since 1850 and expect to go on doing so as we evolve as a company and change with the needs of our chosen markets.

In the month of January we are offering a 15% off Sale on all curtain and rug cleaning works. So, if you have not used our services before, now is a great time to try us out and see why people say ” Service is our success”.

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