Common Repairs for Oriental Rugs

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Here at Pilgrim Payne, we are used to dealing with a multitude of Oriental rug repairs. From stains to holes, we can turn our expert attention to antique rugs and restore them to their former glory. If you’ve got a rug that’s looking a little past its best, then read on to find out what the most common rug repairs we deal with are – and you might just find your issue on there! With unrivalled skill and experience, we are the rug repair company London clients trust.

Damaged sides

Over time, the sides of your oriental rug can lose their integrity. Oriental rugs are usually woven from side-to-side across the warp threads, so the long edges have to be finished to seal those loose threads and stop the rug from unravelling. They can become loose over time, so the straight sides of your rug can lose their definition. Our rug restoration experts will be able to carefully add a new, stronger whipping to your rug – one that’s totally in keeping with the existing style.

Old fringing

Nothing finishes off an Oriental rug like some full, luxuriant fringing. As time goes on, that fringing can become sparse and discoloured, affecting the overall appearance of your rug. Whatever the reason for the damage to the fringing on your rug, we will be able to restore it to its former glory. Using the highest quality materials, our rug restoration and repair team will add to the existing fringing, blending old and new fibres to bring it back to its original fullness.

Loss of pile

You don’t need us to tell you that over the years, an oriental rug can lose its pile. Whether that is down to wear and tear from people walking over it or the weight of heavy furniture, the impact on your rug can be severe. If you have noticed that your rug is looking a little thin and threadbare in places, then we will be able to help. Working hard to colour match the existing fibres as accurately as possible, we’ll cover up any patches where the pile is thinning, or the foundation of the rug is visible.

Moth damage

Dealing with moth damage is one of the most common repairs for oriental rugs. Most antique rugs are made from wool – which is the food of choice for a number of moths. This makes Oriental rugs much more susceptible to moth damage than modern rugs, which are often made from synthetic materials. If you take advantage of our rug repairs in London, you can expect a thorough service. We’ll identify how severe the damage is, expertly repair your rug, and then give you advice on how to care for it going forward.


No matter how hard you try to look after your antique rug, accidents do happy. Spillages are part and parcel of everyday life, but when you are dealing with an Oriental rug it can seem like a daunting job to remove them. That’s why you should leave it to us. We can remove a number of stains from Oriental rugs, using cleaning materials that are effective enough to shift the most stubborn marks but gentle enough for the most delicate fibres. Your rug will be in safe hands with the best experts in rug repairs London has to offer.


One of the most common repairs for rugs we carry out is fixing holes. When you notice a hole in your Oriental rug, it’s easy to assume that nothing can be done. That’s just not true though. We can repair holes of all sizes, and once we have completed the work it will be almost impossible to tell that they were even there! Working from the foundation of your rug up, we’ll be able to repair significant damage, using materials that are the perfect fit.

Why we’re the best

Oriental rugs can be difficult to work with, which is why you should always call in the experts. Here at Pilgrim Payne, we have over a century’s worth of experience under our belts. What we don’t know about restoring Oriental rugs isn’t worth knowing, and we can solve a variety of problems. With professional tools and cleaning materials that are perfect for the job and an unrivalled eye for detail, we are the team to trust. Repairing rugs can be hard work – which is why it’s a good idea to leave that chore to us and enjoy the results afterwards!

All of our repairs are sympathetic, and we will aim to preserve the character of your rug at all times. After all, that’s what makes it such a beloved feature in your home.

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