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Curtain cleaning company reviews are many and varied. They fall, basically, into two categories, these being reviews of companies which clean curtains on site where they hang and reviews of companies which take curtains away for cleaning. The difference in cleaning outcomes between on site cleaning and factory cleaning is huge. On site curtain cleaning is very limited because it is only surface cleaning and does not perform the task of fabric cleaning well. In fact, in some instances it is little better than vacuum cleaning alone. The only scenario where it should be considered is where the curtains are too fragile to be taken down, cleaned and re-hung. Otherwise go for a proper, factory cleaning job.

When it comes to factory cleaning, do make sure that the curtains go to a specialist unit, designed to clean and restore quality curtains and draperies………..and do remember that 90% of quality curtain fabrics are “dry clean only” according to manufacturers.

When choosing a company to clean your valuable curtains do ensure that they are specialist soft furnishing cleaners and not High Street garment cleaners. Also, ensure that the company that takes away your cherished curtains and draperies has its own dry cleaning plant and will not give away your soft furnishings to some unknown third party as so often happens. So, how do you ensure that the company you are choosing has its own plant not just a shop? It’s easy…………ask to visit the plant. If this cannot be arranged they probably do not have their own cleaning facility. There are numerous horror stories of shrunk and damaged curtains that are ruined by companies which do not guarantee results.

Reviews, themselves, are often written or invented by people who are not customers.There are even companies which will provide a series of reviews for disreputable businesses for payment of a fee. So, do your homework before undertaking curtain cleaning. Make sure that the company is a dry cleaning specialist. Make sure that their address is real and verifiable. This can easily be done with the aid of Google maps which will give you a street view of the published address. All too often this turns out to be a residential house and not a business premises at all. If this is the case, then, your valuable soft furnishings will go to an unknown third party without your knowledge.

So, to summarize, make sure that you entrust your cherished items to a company with a long history of providing quality service. Look for accolades and endorsements that cannot be purchased. Make sure, if possible, that your goods are cleaned in a dedicated cleaning plant and seek assurances and guarantees of outcomes. That way you should finish up with a first class result.

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