When to clean curtains, carpets and upholstery.

How Pilgrim Payne offers total care for carpets

The easy answer to this question is “when they are dirty or soiled”. But, like all things in life nothing is that simple. Dirty or soiled means different things to different people. All we know for sure is that no matter how clean we try to keep our soft furnishings by regular care and vacuuming they are becoming more soiled all the time.

The air that we breathe is filled with dust, other particulate matter like mp10’s, airborne allergens like pollen, toxins and gases. These work to damage the strength and appearance of our valuable soft furnishings. Curtains and carpets help us by trapping these problems and, therefore, they should be thoroughly cleaned periodically to remove the chemicals and debris that have built up over time. Thus, giving us cleaner, healthier homes.

How regular is regularly?

Cleaning frequency will vary according to where we live. A home in the centre of London will require thorough cleaning of  soft furnishings more regularly than a home that lays in the sleepy Wiltshire countryside. Both require periodic cleaning but the London property should be cleaned about every two years, whereas the Wiltshire property would only require attention about every five or six years under normal circumstances.

Clean homes are healthier homes and when curtains are taken down from curtain tracks and examined, even the owners of the best kept homes are often surprised at the large build up of dust and soil as well as allergens that can affect the respiratory tract and skin. Air quality in England is poor. It is at illegal levels in many of our cities.

Clean appearance, cleaner home, healthier you

Not only do clean and fresh furnishings help provide a healthier home, they also look better, which helps us to feel better. Do you remember how good it felt when things were freshly decorated and soft furnishings were new? Well, cleaning can help restore the appearance of curtains, upholstery, carpets and rugs and make our homes look and feel more attractive.  It is a much cheaper to clean than to replace everything!

When we consider the fact that we walk on dirty pavements and roads and, then, track this into our homes and onto our carpets it helps us see the necessity of periodic cleaning by an experienced company. We sit in public transport which is proven to be covered with bacteria and viruses and the sit on our chairs and sofas. Our children play here too. The need for thorough cleaning is essential.

Cleaning will also extend the life of our textiles and thus lessen the need to replace them so regularly.

An easy test to find out if your carpets require cleaning is to take a white handkerchief or napkin and moisten it with water. Then, rub an area of carpet in a doorway. The napkin looks pretty soiled, doesn’t it? You can do the same with with the arm of a sofa or chair – but, be careful to use only a slightly damp cloth – too much moisture may damage the colour. That is why most fabrics can only be dry cleaned by experts using solvents as recommended by manufacturers.

So, whether you live in the city or in the countryside take a moment to check if your furnishings are really clean. It makes sense to improve appearance, indoor air quality and extend the life of your valuable soft furnishings.

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