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Pilgrim Payne offers a comprehensive curtain cleaning service

Customer service is much talked about in modern British businesses. Training and motivation are vital parts of delivering quality customer service but all too often disinterested staff lead to poor service delivery. If this can be changed a company is well on its way to success.

However, there is more to it than that. There has to be a belief in doing things right and a company culture of believing that only excellence will do. When times are tough, as they are in all businesses from time to time, it is then that demonstrations of customer service are tested.

Here, at Pilgrim Payne, we have recently had to deal with  a situation where several vital members of staff have been affected by ill-health. The outcome was stress and pressure on our operating systems and ways to relieve this had to be found.

One way we overcame this period of adversity was for managers to become involved in the delivery of finished products and services themselves. The cleaning of curtains, carpets ,upholstery and rugs had to continue at our usual high standards. To achieve this it was all hands to the pumps.

Only this week, our Managing Director found himself loading and unloading company vehicles and up ladders as he became involved in installing new curtains,swags, tails, pelmets etc. He was walking the talk and doing what needed to be done so that our clients still received scheduled services.

We live in a world where customer service is a common phrase but too few companies take it as seriously as Pilgrim Payne. At the completion of every job of cleaning curtains, carpets, upholstery or rugs and installations of new curtains or upholstery clients are asked to talk to a member of Pilgrim Payne management. The question that is asked by Pilgrim Payne is “have you been delighted with the Pilgrim Payne experience, from the first phone call you made through to the completion of the works?” Few companies would take customer satisfaction, or in our case “delight”, to this level. It is just being prepared to go the extra mile to give our clients excellence in what we do.

Our mantra is “to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today”. It is this commitment to quality that has guided the company towards being awarded two Royal Warrants of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen and The Prince of Wales.

We shall go on providing first class service and products to the markets we serve and continue in our ongoing quest for excellence in all we do.

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