Energy saving curtains for a greener environment

Pilgrim Payne offers a comprehensive curtain cleaning service

We bet that you have never thought about reducing the carbon footprint of your home or business. Well, maybe you should! By doing so you can also save yourself money as well as improving the appearance and acoustics of your property – and sometimes, this can all be achieved simply by choosing energy saving curtains.

When next considering changing your curtaining, make sure that you explore all the variants of curtain construction and materials.

As well as being master cleaners of curtains, carpets, upholstery and rugs we are also top quality curtain makers and upholsterers, so call Pilgrim Payne and ask for our advice…it’s free.

Deciding to have your new curtains interlined as well as lined will not only make them drape more luxuriously but it will also help to reduce heat loss in the winter months and keep the house cooler in the hotter summer periods. This, in turn, reduces the level of heating and cooling required and thus saves energy and reduces your production of polluting greenhouse gases.

Other energy saving measures can include the use of secondary roller blinds to keep rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

A further way to reduce energy consumption is to have new curtains lined with thermal linings.

These choices, when it comes to curtain making, are relatively inexpensive but continue to make savings on your fuel bills year in, year out. They will also enrich the appearance of the room and improve sound quality.

Whether you are choosing designer fabrics or more modest materials make sure that you are getting quality linings and interlinings as these will have much longer lifespans. They will also perform far better when you come to have your curtains periodically dry cleaned to enhance their appearance and lengthen their lives.

Saving energy is in all our interests in the modern world and we can all do our bit by making sensible, informed decisions when having curtains and blinds made.

Whatever your window furnishings needs you will find Pilgrim Payne on hand to help you make the right choices. You can read more about our company’s own plight in our statement of environmental and social responsibilities.


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