How to find a trusted Carpet Cleaner

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There are thousands, yes thousands, of Carpet Cleaners out there. It is also true that there are very few top quality companies. Some Technicians have as little as a day’s training and this, naturally, can lead to all sorts of problems. So, if you are thinking about getting your carpets cleaned it makes good sense to ask a few questions. This makes sure that you find a reliable and trustworthy company.

What should you ask a Carpet Cleaner?

  1.  Do you give free, written estimates? This is essential to prevent you being presented with “after the estimate” charges for things like moving furniture, pre-spraying and pre-treating carpets and traffic areas, stain removal etc. You will often find that the “cheaper price” you were quoted on the phone will be doubled or in some cases tripled once the job is being done and it is too late to say stop!
  2. Will the carpets be pre-vacuumed before cleaning to remove all loose, dry soil ? Without this a truly clean carpet cannot be arrived at.
  3. What level of guaranteed outcome is expected? Whilst no-one can guarantee to remove every stain, make sure that removal or not is discussed at the point of written estimate. If anyone tells you that they can remove any and all stains they are not being truthful. Some stains can only be reduced and not totally removed. A good guarantee will promise to remove or reduce all stains and heavily soiled areas.
  4. What level of assurance is there of dealing with potential problems ? If, for whatever reason you are not impressed with the results, what happens then? Find a company that offers a no quibble offer of returning to re-clean the carpets free of charge.
  5. Are the Technicians fully trained ? Choose a company with National Carpet Cleaners Association training and accreditation for peace of mind. They will have to abide by a code of ethics.
  6. Is the company fully insured ? A reputable company should have in place Public Liability, Employer’s Liability and Treatment Risks insurance to protect you and your carpets. £10,000,000 is the correct level of cover. Ask to see this or have it supplied. If this is lacking do not use the company.
  7. Are their staff checked and security cleared? Are they trustworthy? Many operators use untrained and sometimes illegal workers. Remember the Technicians will be in your home or business premises.
  8. Are the cleaning agents they use bought from established, reputable companies which have carried out stringent clearance testing for safe use  to conform to legal regulations?

Making your decision

Only agree for works to go ahead if you receive acceptable answers to all these questions and are comfortable moving forward. You are looking after your valuable carpets and in this scenario cheapest is not usually the safest or best value for money. Look for a company with a long history of success and delighted clients. Look for quality endorsements and meaningful accreditations. By doing these things you will receive a top class finished result from trained and qualified Technicians.

Lastly, make sure that any company you choose offers you the opportunity to speak to a member of management at the end of the work who will ask “Are you delighted with the finished results?” By following these simple guidelines you will protect your carpets and should obtain a first rate job.

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