How to get curtains made. Find a good curtain maker.

Pilgrim Payne offers a comprehensive curtain cleaning service

When it comes to window dressings there are a range of options available, from leaving windows bare, through basic blinds, to designed blinds to curtains (in all their varieties) to elaborate swags and tails treatments.

Off the shelf curtains can be suitable in certain circumstances but these tend to come in a limited range of sizes and fabrics. This means that a custom fit is not possible and the colourway may not be suitable. This route is often just a compromise.

If you are looking for finished results that will really enhance the appearance of a room or home, then the best choice is to have the curtain treatment made by an experienced and knowledgeable company. A curtain cleaning London firm which has been making curtains to high standards for a long time.

When it comes to curtain construction methods there is a wide choice. There can be unlined voiles and sheers, lined curtains or interlined curtains. Sometimes there can even be double fabric faced curtains in order to look good from both sides of an arch or room divider.

The components that go into making a curtain are vitally important as to how the curtain will look. Top-quality linings and interlinings must be used if the fabric you have chosen is to be shown to its best advantage. It is essential to find good advice on which linings and interlinings are suitable and will have a long lifespan. After all, the curtains will eventually require cleaning and poor quality linings and interlinings will lead to problems at that stage, so ensure that the maker uses quality products that protect your investment. If the maker is not aware of cleaning performances it is best to avoid them. If you can, find a maker who will also undertake to clean the items or recommend a reputable cleaner. If a maker tells you that the curtains should not be cleaned then listen to the alarm bells ringing. Well made curtains will clean very successfully.

Certain curtain linings and interlinings are more environmentally friendly than others. Choose a maker which only uses responsibly sourced products from sustainable producers who abide by practices that protect workers and the environment. The use of thermal linings will reduce heat loss in winter and lessen heat build up in the summer to help reduce your energy consumption. More information on this can be found in a previous blog on Environmental issues.

Top quality curtain making may cost a little more but in the scheme of things it is money well spent. Fabrics that are good quality are not cheap, so it makes sense to find a company that will justify that cost with excellent making practices.

Window dressings are the essential finishing touch to any room. So, whether it’s Roman Blinds, beautiful voiles or lined and interlined bespoke curtains make sure that you choose a company with a long history of successfully making beautiful window treatments. You will be glad you did when you are admiring the finished results.

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