Insurance Restoration after Fire or Flood.

Pilgrim Payne offers a comprehensive curtain cleaning service

It is one of our worst nightmares………………a fire or a leak in our home that has ruined our cherished possessions due to smoke or water damage. But all is not lost if you can act quickly. Finding a restoration company is essential

The critical factor in many of these cases is speed. The faster the affected items are taken away for treatment, the greater the chance of successful restoration. Time is the enemy and the more time that passes, the harder the job to restore the goods to a usable condition. This is the time to call on a specialist company which can deal with all the textile furnishings affected by the smoke or water. Time is of the essence.

Companies offering Disaster Recovery services will often sub-contract soft furnishing works to third parties. This is all well and good provided that the third party provider has the necessary expertise and knowledge to carry out the work. Many do not. Many are not specialist soft furnishing  cleaners and restorers. So, ensure that your valuable items go to a dedicated, specialist curtain, carpet ,upholstery and rug cleaner to ensure that you get first class results.

Pilgrim Payne have worked with many Disaster Recovery companies, Loss Adjusters and Insurance Assessors to achieve high levels of success in restoring soft furnishings. In order to protect your investment in your home find out which company your treasured possessions are being sent to. You have a right to know. That way you can get the best value for money from your insurance.

Many items of home furnishings can be successfully restored but some may be beyond being saved. If that is so, then the only course of action is to replace them. Therefore, it is far better that your possessions are with a company that can also make new or, at least, repair or re-cover items if that becomes necessary. So, choose a textile care company that not only cleans and restores but also makes new. That way estimates for Assessors can be produced very quickly and some of the headache of the insurance claim can be avoided. At times like these clients want as little hassle as possible.

Curtain, carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning are tasks that should be undertaken by established companies with long histories of success. That way the likelihood of top quality results is increased greatly. So, when faced with mopping up after a flood or fire damage make sure that your insurance assessor calls on a trusted and reliable restoration company. Demand the best……………..your home deserves it !

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