What is deep upholstery cleaning?

First things first: what is deep upholstery cleaning? It’s far more involved than quickly spot-treating stains, or a perfunctory wipe-over to keep signs of grime at bay. No, a deep clean goes above and beyond anything you’ve probably attempted to do before. Using cleaning materials that are powerful enough to permeate deep into fabrics but won’t do any damage, we can give even the most worn-out piece of upholstered furniture a new lease of life.

Shifting stubborn stains

Does a piece of upholstered furniture in your home have a stain that has been there for a long, long time? Whether we are talking months or years, a deep upholstery clean could be the perfect option for you. Our team of talented upholstery cleaners know how to shift even the most stubborn stains, and will work on those by hand before treating the rest of the upholstery to a deep clean. The result? Textiles that have a sparkling clean, uniform appearance that is free of stains.

Getting rid of bad smells

Sometimes, upholstery cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of stains – it’s banishing bad smells too! Upholstered furniture will soak up the scents of its environment, and particularly stubborn smells can come from smoking or pets. A deep upholstery clean can really improve the smell of a piece of furniture – and we will provide advice on looking after it going forward.

Perfect for older furniture

It’s all too easy to assume that a piece of furniture hasn’t been cleaned in so long and is not worth saving. Well, we couldn’t disagree more! We’re committed to prolonging the life of soft furnishings wherever we can, doing our bit to lessen the environmental impact of that piece of furniture being thrown away needlessly.

Our deep upholstery cleaning service

If you really want to get the most out of deep upholstery cleaning, you should always work with an expert. We have over 170 years of experience to our name, and have worked on projects of all sizes and complexities. Our knowledge of textiles is truly exceptional, and we will deliver a cleaning service that has been tailored to suit your upholstery. To put it simply, you couldn’t be in safer hands than with the Pilgrim Payne team.

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