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How Pilgrim Payne offers total care for carpets

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Are your carpets looking tired, dirty and in desperate need of a little TLC? Then you have come to the right place. We are Pilgrim Payne®, the cleaning company in London and beyond clients trust. We offer a total care service for carpets and, as members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, we work to a Code of Practice and pride ourselves on our professionalism and the outstanding results achieved for both our domestic and commercial clients. So you can be sure that you are getting one of the best carpet cleaning services London and beyond has to offer when you book with us.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in London and Beyond

When it comes to getting your carpets back to their former glory, you should always leave the cleaning to the professionals. We provide an intense, deep-cleaning of carpets to remove everyday stains that build up over time. Carpets are left clean, fresh and dry within a few hours. So there’s really very little inconvenience for you, and you will be left with carpets that look and feel incredible in no time at all.

“Surprisingly inexpensive”

Convenient Carpet Cleaning in The Capital

We want to make the carpet cleaning experience as simple and stress free as possible for our clients. Just get in touch with us to arrange what day you would like your carpets to be cleaned, and then we will take care of the finer details. All you need to do is wait for us to give you a call on the day. As part of our on-location carpet cleaning process, our technician contacts the client around 8am to confirm their arrival time that day. Reliable and punctual, you can plan your day around their arrival. That’s why we are the experts in deep carpet cleaning that London homeowners trust.

Deep Carpet Cleaning London and Surrounding Areas

We leave no stone unturned when cleaning carpets in London and surrounding areas, and we will pay incredibly close attention to detail when assessing them. Our experts in carpet cleaning will get to work as soon as they arrive at your property. They will survey the job and discuss any areas of heavy soiling or staining. The carpet is pre-vacuumed prior to work beginning and any areas of heavy soiling or stains are pre-spotted by hand and worked on to loosen the soiling.

Leave Your Carpet Cleaning to The Professionals

Once they have worked on those more stubborn, pronounced stains, your cleaning technician will give the whole carpet a thorough clean. The appropriate cleaning system is chosen (we have five) and the technician will clean the carpets in the most successful way. Any remaining stains will be retreated and the carpet will be finished with a sour rinse to improve the appearance of the fibres. This treatment gives a much deeper clean than you would be able to achieve on your own.

Our Promise to You

Once all carpets have been treated and cleaned, our technician will review the finished results with you to ensure you’re delighted with the outcome – and you will be encouraged to talk to a member of management to confirm your total delight and satisfaction. Of course, we are on hand to offer advice on how best to take care of your carpets going forward, so that you can enjoy that fresh, just cleaned feeling for as long as possible.

“We work to a Code of Practice and pride ourselves on our professionalism and the outstanding results achieved”

Taking Care of Your Carpets

As specialist cleaners, we do of course recommend to our clients that their carpets and soft furnishings are cleaned on a regular basis. This is not only to keep them fresh and hygienic but also because accumulated soil and grit reduces carpet and fabric life and enables destructive and health harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. Our trained staff will happily provide advice and tips on how best to care for your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings.

Once carpets have undergone stain removal, cleaning and are looking their best again it makes sense to keep them that way by applying a Stainshield carpet protector to resist rapid re-soiling and staining.

We are proud to offer our unrivalled carpet cleaning services to North LondonEast LondonSouth LondonWest London and beyond, as well as a COVID secure carpet cleaning service, ensuring that your wellbeing, and that of our staff members, is our highest priority.

“Service is our success”


What products will one of our professional carpet cleaners use?

Our carpet cleaning professionals have a wide range of carpet cleaning materials at their disposal. The materials that they use are professional grade, and are not the same as the cleaning products that you would find in your own cupboard. What is more, they know how to use them effectively and safely. So you can rest assured that they will be able to deliver the best possible results. If you want to find out more about us and the cleaning materials that we use on carpets, then we are here to give you all the information that you need.

As a leading carpet cleaning company, we cover a large area. We work across London and as far as the M25 motorway and beyond, so if you are based in the city, we will be able to travel to you with no issues. It has been a great source of pride for us to serve so many customers in the capital. However, we are not solely based in London. Our field of operations actually extends out along the M4 and M40 corridors. So if you are located in Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham or Gloucester, we can come to you!

Here at Pilgrim Payne, we deal with a wide range of cleaning concerns from our customers. No two jobs are ever the same, so it is hard for us to give a blanket answer here. However, if you are not confident dealing with a job yourself, or your attempts at cleaning an area of heavy staining have failed so far, it could be time for you to give us a call. Some of our clients do not like to wait until they have an issue to get in touch, and prefer to schedule in a regular carpet clean every 12 months or so.

Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips
Fantastic service from Gerry, James and Kane. Really pleased with the results. My rugs look as good as new.
Anna Sagan
Anna Sagan
Incredible service - right from the very organised pick up and delivery of my precious rug to the cleaning of it. James was courteous and efficient. I highly recommend Pilgrim Payne.
Barry Alstein
Barry Alstein
My mum used Pilgrim Payne as is delighted with the work and the service received. Thanks to Keiran and James for a fantastic job. Turned up earlier than book which was great definitely would use them again.
Patricia Ward
Patricia Ward
Extremely impressed with service and high quality of workmanship to alter and renew cushions for couches and armchairs which has brought new life back to furniture we still like and at a tenth of the cost of replacing. Everyone we dealt with was friendly, very helpful and came exactly when they said they would. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending. Excellent company!
12 yr old 6 metre voiles cleaned for first time. They were very gray, almost black. Came back very clean. Very happy with the result. James was professional and very helpful. Many thanks.
Viacheslav Moskalev
Viacheslav Moskalev
Good service
Emma Conrathe
Emma Conrathe
Excellent service and fair price.
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