Rug Cleaning

Pilgrim Payne® offers specialist rug cleaning

Specialist Rug Care, Repair and Restoration

Pilgrim Payne® offers specialist rug cleaning and tapestry cleaning throughout London and beyond.

As part of our rug cleaning service, items are collected and taken to our cleaning plant where they are inspected for stains and areas of wear or weakness. The rug or tapestry is thoroughly vacuumed to remove all loose soil – areas of heavy soil are pre-sprayed and stains are pre-spotted by hand. If the rug or tapestry has any fringes, they are cleaned and brushed by hand.

We clean all rugs and tapestries with neutral soaps or mild detergent depending on the type of soiling – in some cases, rugs may be dry cleaned. Once cleaned, they are given a sour rinse to enhance their appearance and then hung to dry naturally. Before packing and delivering to the client, all rugs and tapestries are reviewed to assess results and re-worked if it is felt that any improvement may be possible. In the case of Chinese rugs, the pile is re-lustred by hand.

Our rug cleaning service is specifically tailored to the materials we are working with, so whether we’re conditioning a family heirloom or a high-value Persian rug, the quality of our cleaning service is of the highest standards, and the care and attention brought to your item is absolutely second to none.

Once rugs have undergone stain removal and a thorough clean and they are looking their best again, it makes sense to keep them that way by applying a Stainshield carpet or fabric protector to resist rapid re-soiling and staining.

Rug Repairs and Restoration

In addition to rug cleaning in London, we also offer expert rug repairs and restoration services for items that have seen better days. Working to rectify everything from frayed fringes and uneven ends all the way through to moth damage and water damage, we provide rug repairs that will leave your items looking fresh and ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.

“The quality of our cleaning service is of the highest standard”

We extend our rug cleaning and repairs services to a wide range of locations in London, including (but not limited to) Kensington, Chelsea, Belgravia, Mayfair, St. John’s Wood and Hampstead. Contact us for more information.

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