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Watford is known for its long history and diverse community, and it offers a winning mix of modern amenities and green spaces. From the bustling town centre to the beautiful Cassiobury Park, Watford provides a warm welcome for residents and visitors alike. We’re thrilled to serve both home and business owners in this vibrant part of Hertfordshire.

About Pilgrim Payne

With a remarkable 170-year history and the great privilege of holding two Royal Warrants, Pilgrim Payne is a byword for prestige and expertise. We’re keen to build on our high reputation wherever we can, prioritising eco-friendly practices across all our operations.

Our Soft Furnishing Care Services

We provide many services in Watford, including:

We are the specialists in curtain cleaning Watford home and business owners recommend. Our 15-step cleaning process can work wonders on a variety of stains, and we will re-press and re-hang your curtains at no extra charge.

Upholstery Cleaning​

Our upholstery cleaning Watford experts have the skill and experience to clean many kinds of fabrics. Their methods are guaranteed against shrinkage, so you can trust your upholstery with us.

Carpet Cleaning

We have been proud members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association since 1978, and our long membership has made us one of the most trusted experts in carpet cleaning Watford has to offer. We can work on natural and synthetic fibre carpets with ease, making us popular with many customers.

Fine Carpet Cleaning

Our fine carpet cleaning Watford team knows how to expertly care for Persian, Oriental, and other kinds of fine carpets, so you’ll be glad you chose Pilgrim Payne! Our specialist tools and cleaning materials allow us to deliver great results with the utmost care.

Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning Watford professionals know which cleaning materials are suitable for all kinds of stains, so they will be able to get to work quickly and effectively. Whether you need one or many rugs cleaning, they are there to help.

Re-upholstery and Curtain Making

We are an Industry Partner of the British Institute of Interior Design, so it goes without saying that our reupholstery Watford experts know what makes a beautiful space. We are also the providers of curtain-making Watford customers can count on.

Contact Pilgrim Payne

If you’d like to discover more about our services in Watford, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. You can contact us by calling 020 8453 5350 or sending an email to We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Is environmental sustainability a priority for you?

As a small business, we take definite steps to minimise our carbon footprint in all areas of our operations. By extending the lifespan of soft furnishings, we actively reduce landfill waste along with the demand for new manufacturing, making a positive impact on the environment.

Our rates are highly competitive, and we provide excellent value for our customers. To obtain a personalised estimate for your specific project, please get in touch with our customer service team to tell them more about what you need from us.

On the morning of your scheduled appointment date, we will be in touch with an arrival window for your technician. Throughout the day, we will be in touch to keep you informed of any changes to their estimated arrival time.